elegant touch express nails

elegant touch express nails review swatch photo
elegant touch express nails review swatch photo
elegant touch express nails review swatch photo

elegant touch express nails empty hearts :£7.99

When I was browsing Boots a few days ago, I realised that the Elegant Touch Express nails had gone on sale. That one slipped right past me! I talked about them briefly in a sneak peek post a few months ago so you can check here for all the essential deets so I’ll just get straight into a review. Because that's all you really want to know right, if they are good or not!

To apply the Elegant Touch Express Nails all you do is size up each nail, peel back the glue tab and press down for a few seconds. It’s SO easy and takes about 5 minutes to do all your nails. Now I’ll be honest - The they didn't work that well for me. They did last one and a bit days which is longer than any other pre-glued nails I’ve tried in the past. Normally they ping off within the hour! Despite this they feel nice to wear though, lightweight, bendy and don't have a really stiff rigid feel to them.

Despite their longevity issues, I really like they and I can definitely see myself using these in nail emergencies, and whenever I need an on to the go mani fix. I kinda wish they weren’t pre glued, but at the same time I can see why they are designed like this. They are so quick and mess free to apply - Perfect for a mini cab mani like Jameela Jamal explained to me. I reckon if I just picked the pre glued tab off and used my own, it’d work much better for me. The pattern range from the Elegant Touch Express Nails Collection is something else. There are tons of different patterns and styles to suit every taste and compliment any outfit. They retail for £7.99 and are available in Boots.

Do you think you'll be trying these?

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