Soap and Glory Glow All Out

 Soap and Glory Glow All Out review swatch photo
 Soap and Glory Glow All Out review swatch photo
 Soap and Glory Glow All Out review swatch photo

Admittedly I'm not overly familiar with Soap and Glory. As a beauty blogger and a girl I feel like I should be a little ashamed about this fact. Mainly because pretty much all my blog friends and IRL mates use it and rave about it constantly. I've decided to familiarize myself with the brand a bit more, so I decided to give the Soap and Glory Glow All Out a whirl and here are some of my thoughts...

Right, I'll come out and say it. Personally - I'm not a fan of the uber girly kitchy packaging, its the same reason I'm not overly keen on Benefit. It's also cardboard packaging which again I don't like because it's so prone to getting battered. But, we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. The product inside is a pink toned finely milled illuminating powder. The shimmer is so minimal, that it's definitely more of an illuminater than a highlighter. Really subtle, a sort of candle lit come glow from within type product. I like to buff a bit on a small brush onto the high points of my face like the bridge of my nose, tops of my cheeks and brow bone to really brighten up the whole face.

I really like this product, I have a lot of illuminating products but this one has really caught my eye and been a regular in my routine since purchasing it. The pinkish undertone is super flattering and it really brightens up the whole face. At £11 it's an excellent quality product (despite packaging niggles) and definitely a drugstore product that gets a thumb up from me!
Have you tried this product?

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