sneak peek: elegant touch express nails

elegant touch express nails review swatch photo
elegant touch express nails review swatch photo
elegant touch express nails review swatch photo
elegant touch express nails review swatch photo
elegant touch express nails review swatch photo

elegant touch express nails : £7.99*

Another sneak peek style post for you today but... Last week I went for Afternoon Tea with Jameela Jamal to talk all things nails, the new face of the Elegant Touch Express Nails. She’s legit one of the nicest, down to earth and natural celebrities I’ve ever met. We talked candidly about the trolling and what it’s like to be a blogger and celebrity in the internet age (mainly about talking about Dan and Phil!), and she shared a ton of her beauty related musings. She’s cool and interesting and has so much to say. Just, yeah really cool.

"I’m all about the “black cab mani” - applying my nails on the go as Im rushing off to do something" Jameela explained that while she had no creative input into the nails she was really impressed with the designs and the variety that the Express Nails in. She talked about how nail art is a great way to experiment with your look and proclaimed how there is something to suit everyone. "They are quirky and subtle, and the best thing about nails are that they are nondiscriminatory, anyone can wear them!"

Elegant Touch Express Nails is filling the gap in the market for instant manicures on the go. The pre glued nails are press on and go with a reinforced tip for extra wear. Claiming to last up to seven days, the nails are intended not to cause damage to the nails like with glue or have sticking issues like the nail adhesive pads. The Elegant Touch Express Press On Nails come in a whopping 24 different shades and patterns. Including a range of natural style nails, neons and then a ton of on trend patterns. Jameela’s favourites were the Neon Yellow and the Minnie Polka Dot Nails.

These don't launch until March sometime so I’ll review them properly nearer the time. I just wanted to give you all a sneak peek that this will be a really big product drop. I what I predict will be a very popular range. They remind me a bit of the Impress Nails but not quite as garish or old fashioned. I don't know, but I was never a fan of the designs of those nails. My pick of the Elegant Touch Express range is definitely the black and white heart nails from the girly collection, the whole trend nail series (nude reverse moons) and the subtle ombre nudes. Elegant Touch have one of the best patterned nail art ranges on the highstreet, so Im really excited whenever they expand their nails with new and exciting designs.
These retail for £7.99 and will launch in Boosts from March 2014

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