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Guerlain Eyeliner in 01 NOIR EBÈNE review swatch photo
Guerlain Eyeliner in 01 NOIR EBÈNE review swatch photo

Guerlain Eyeliner in 01 NOIR EBÈNE

Today I wanted to write a little ditty for my favourite eyeliner of all-time the Guerlain Eyeliner. I cant write songs so a blog post will have to do... I'm sure you've heard me talk about this in pretty much all of my FOTD's ever, but I can hand on my heart say this is my favourite eyeliner ever.

Reading back over my original review of the product, I see I wasn't being really blown away by it. I liked it, but not that much. Regardless, over time I realised I simply couldn't live without this golden packaged beauty. So on the evening on my repurchase of the product I just wanted to share again how much I love this product. It's super luxe, glamorous and such a luxury but a product I can't live without. A very pigmented glossy black with a slight lacquer finish which conjures up images of Old Hollywood glamour. The packaging reminds me of a calligraphic ink well, with the formula is no different. It glides onto the eyes with easy and creates catflicks with the flick of a wrist. While £33 for an eyeliner is a little bit eyewatering, I'ts worth every single penny and I'm so happy that I can firmly call this Holy Grail. Guerlain Eyeliner - I Love you
What's your favourite eyeliner?

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