beauty resolutions to make in 2014

As 2014, rolls in we’re all making New Years resolutions in the hope that we stick to them for a few weeks. Eat better, hit the gym, sleep more... We all make the same ones every year but how often do we stick to them? To be frank I generally think resolutions are made to be broken, but here are a few of my New Year beauty resolutions... I have the best intentions so lets see how it goes!

Resolution: Cleaning Makeup Brushes

This is always at the bottom of my beauty to-do list. The act of cleansing my brushes is enough to make me groan and send me off to procrastinate doing something non important. Makeup brushes are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria which can lead to breakouts. Washing them with a light baby shampoo once a week or simply spritzing them with a brush cleaner/sanitizer after use is the best way to rid brushes of nasties and can make a world of a difference to your face.

Resolution: Makeup Removal

This is nothing new, and I'm sure this has been on all our beauty resolutions lists at some point. Take makeup off before going to bed. It really is a no brainer but remembering (or bothering in most cases) to remove your makeup before bed is a must. I always find taking those extra 20 or so steps to the bathroom just before bed one of the biggest chores of the day. My new mantra - Start removing my makeup from the moment I’m done with work for the day. That way I'm not all snuggled up in bed before thinking about taking my makeup off.

Resolution: Wear SPF Daily

Admittedly I’ve never been bothered about a separate SPF for the face. I always imagined that my foundations had enough SPF in to keep me covered. Sunscreens protect skin from the causes skin cancer, UVA rays and UVB rays. The easiest way to get SPF into a routine is to work it into a morning routine. I'm going to be looking into a moisturiser with a built-in sunscreen so I don't forget. Make sure SPF has a minimum of SPF 30, anything lower just isn't going to cut it.

Resolution: Step out of Your Comfort Zone

I'm going to be trying to make a conscious effort to try a new beauty look at least once a month. Maybe in the form of a bright liner, a new lipstick I’ve not tried before or being a bit experimental with my eyeshadow colour palette. There's nothing wrong with trying something new if it works it works and if it doesn't then I’ve not lost anything. I’ve expanding my beauty horizons a lot of in 2013, so I see no reason to not continue into 2014.
Have you made any beauty new years resolutions?