all about eyebrows: filling in

Todays eyebrow guide is all about filling them in. I was always skeptical about filling my eyebrows in, but after a few goes I never looked back. Filling your eyebrows in and making the most of the brows you have can really change your whole look and completely frame your face. The idea of filling me eyebrows in scared me a lot at first because it conjures images of thick black drawn on brows, never fear. Here is my product guide to filling your eyebrows in…

Eyebrow POWDER:

Filling your eyebrows in with a powder can make them look much more natural than you think. Using a shade that similar to your natural eyebrow shade and an angled brush and work in light even strokes to build up the areas that you need to define or fill in. My top tip would to choose a matte, soft textured shadow that is not too pigmented but also not too sheer. You want something suitable for layering up colour if needed.

eyebrow pencil: 

Scouse brow much? These have been the standard way of filling eyebrows in for years. But many can make your brows look overdone, harsh and coated. You want to look for a creamy, light and smooth eyebrow pencil with a soft dry finish. Bottom line with pencils is that if it doesn't look natural - don't use it. I really recommend the Hourglass Arch Brow or the Laura Mericer Eyebrow Pencils, both leave the brows looking natural and full without looking like you've drawn them on with a Sharpie.

eyebrow gel:

Gel's are great for adding colour and keeping things in place. They work best on lighter brows to darken them up or taming unruly eyebrows. Brow gels are like mascara but have a lighter gel consistency with minimal pigmentation. You can get clear or coloured varieties depending on your needs. You can pick up clear mascaras from most drugstores for less than £2, and they do just as good of a job as their more expensive counterparts.

the combination:

You can always use a mix and match of the three depending on the look you want to create. Pencil and powder give you more control and the definition that comes with using a pencil. This is especially helpful if you need to slightly extend the end of your brows, so they frame your eyes better. And a blend of powder and a brow gel can create soft full eyebrows with a natural finish.

The next quartet of posts are all about eyebrows. Check back daily for my top tips on eyebrow maintenance, growing out & filling in.