Over the last few days of 2013, I'll be covering my top 5 products of the year. I'll be looking at my top 5 picks of skincare, face, eyes, lips, hair & more! Let me know your  top 2013 products from each category in the comments!
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La Roche Posay effaclar duo, heal gel face*, Indeed Labs pepta bright,  alpha h liquid gold  & Origins Clear Improvement Mask

LA ROCHE POSAY EFFACLAR DUO: I dont elevate things to holy grail very often but this spot treatment has been my real hero of 2013. It's a complete skincare solution that leaves my skin looking clear, smoother and really aids the majority of my skincare woes. I suffer from hormonal and dairy breakouts which tend to get sore and cystic. Effaclar Duo has helped existing breakouts as well as keeping new ones to a minimum. Over time my pores reduced in size and my black heads much less noticeable. Big props to Ruth from A Models Recommends for introducing me to this product as its really been a life saver.

HEAL GEL FACE: I've actually only been using this for about a month or so but it's quickly risen up the ranks of my favourire products in 2013. Since adding to my routine my skin looks plumper, healthier and more hydrated. Packed full of skin friendly ingredients, combined they make a dream team for dry and dehydrated skin. It's super light and nourishing and works wonders as a primer for the face too.

INDEED LABS PEPTA BRIGHt: This is a brightening treament which has transformed my skin from lacklustre to something Im much happier with. It looks less sallow, more radiant with a sort of inner glow. It's really evened out my overall skin tone and helped fade some of my most stubborn scarring.

 ALPHA H LIQUID GOLD: Exfoliators had a chemical revamp for 2013. Long gone are the days of rough scratchy exfoliators (although I do like those, just not for daily use), and long live the chemical exfoliators. Alpha H Liquid Gold was my favourite of the bunch I tried in 2013. It's quite abrasive, so I don't use it too often, probably every other day. But it gives my skin such a fresh beautiful glow the day after I've used it that it's actually unite hard to describe it's effects without trying it first!

ORIGINS CLEAR IMPROVEMENT MASK: This mask is perfect for deep cleaning your skin and drawing out all the nasties that clog up the pores. Containing skin friendly ingredients like charcoal and white clay, it works like a magnet sucking out all the skins impurities. Every time my skin breaks out I like to do a good deep cleanse and then pop this on. It's made a noticeable difference to my blackheads and cheeks area's which often get very congested. It also balances out the oilier areas of my skin, so it's great for combo skin types! I've gone through at least 3 of these this year alone.