llymlrs 2013 hair

hair @ Four London 62 Conduit Street (TEL: 020 7297 9600)

So today I went to go get my hair done. Remember when I had that unfortunate incident with my hair a few months ago? Barbie Blonde. Yeah, I was a bit scared to be honest. I was sick of my old hair for a variety of reasons. Mainly because my base was so warm, whatever I did to it it'd fade back to yellow or to even worse... orange super quickly. No amount of toner or purple shampoo would keep it looking ashy at home. I also noticed I had a huge chunk of hair missing from the back of my head from where the bleach had burnt it off. Everything was just looking a litle ropey and trying to keep up with my hair at home wasnt cutting it anyomore. So I swiftly booked myself in to Four London to get it sorted properly.

How we achieved it:

- My hair was colour bathed with a tint to a light ash brown, similar to my natural hair colour (dark mousey brown) but a little bit lighter. I wanted it to blend nicely, so I didn't have to deal with my epic root growth as my hair grows quickly. My colourist Jenny used a technique similar to ombre to make the whole head really ashy and soft and still kept some of my root original colour.

- Then we have the cut, This is probably the biggest change. I decided last week that I wanted a lot of it cut off. Contrary to popular belief my hair isn't actually in bad condition. I just never bother styling (or running a brush through it), and I like the bed head look so I use products to make it look like that. It's takes a lot of effort to make it look that ratty. While I have had my hair trimmed recently I decided I just wanted to get all the dead ends chopped off, they were doing nothing for my hair look and start again. I haven't had short hair since I was about 16 so taking the plunge and going short again was a huge step. I went an inch shorter than I planned (collarbone length), but I'm happy with the result. I decided to get a blunt cut because I think its a little edgier than choppy ends, I just think it suits me a little more. I also had some shorter layers popped in around the front to frame the face as I like to flip my hair back at the front.

- Next was The tricky part. I had mixtures of highlights, lowlights, balayage, tips and tint to get my hair looking multi tonal and soft. I made super clear wanted my ends to be very blonde but still soft and blended. I kept reiterating that I didn't want to go back to Ombré but did want it to look two distinct tones. We settled on a creamy blonde for the ends because it worked best with the ash base we'd tinted to. I then had some highlights round the front to frame my face. I don't think I've ever had as many foils put in my hair as I have today!

Overall I'm super happy with my hair. I feel like a new woman as awfully cliche as that sounds. I paid for my hair myself, I'd wholeheartedly recommend Four London as a salon. I had my hair done by Jenny and Amy who were both amazing, they listened to what I said and were happy to change things along the way if I wasn't happy with it. It's was one of my best salon experiences ever, and I'll definitely be back in the future for my hair. It was by no means cheap, I scoffed a little bit at the price, but at the same time I'm so happy with the final result, it looks better than I even imagined.

This do is going to take a bit of getting used to, and it's going to be totally different to style. Im thinking upping the texture spray and the root boost powder is the way forward! While I feel like I've given into the blogger hairstyle of the year. So many bloggers seem to have ditched long locks in 2013 in favour of a full thick cropped 'do. Remember when everyone had Ombre hair? Okay I'm partly responsible for that one.

What do you think?