best mascara review swatch photo
bourjois twist up the volume mascara* £10.99
bare minerals lash domination* £16.00
L'Oreal Telescopic False Lash Mascara Waterproof £10.99

Applying a slick of mascara in the morning is something even the laziest of girls will apply before leaving the house. A desert island product, A hardcore beauty staple and a product I really couldn’t live without. Currently I have a little mascara wardrobe rotation on the go, stocked full of three formulas. All of which serve a different purpose within my makeup routine.

Everyday: For everyday wear I like something that adds length or volume and try to avoid ones that do both. I think picking either or means that the look can still be natural but also enhance. I tend to prefer lighter mascaras for daily use as they don’t dry the lashes out or make them feel clumpy and dry. My Pick: Bourjois Twist Up The Volume Mascara.
Special Occasion: This is where I go all out with my lashes, Anything labelled volumizing and lengthening fits perfectly under this mascara umbrella. As I want something that adds drama and really perks up the eyes, I love that wide-eyed doll look. The false lash effect without actually wearing lashes. I look out for things like "false lash effect" or "10x lengthening/volumizing", anything that really hypes up a product. They also have to be black...the blacker the better. My Pick: Bare Minerals Lash Domination

Waterproof: It’s always good to have a failsafe waterproof mascara in your beauty arsenal. In my time, I’ve gone through my fair share of waterproof mascaras, Some that I love some that I can’t believe are labelled “waterproof”. Waterproof mascaras are typically a heavier of a formula, which can dry out lashes and clump, They are also a bitch to remove. But perfect for occasions like the beach, hay fever season or gigs I like to use something which isn’t going to give me panda eyes by the end of the night. My Pick: L'Oreal Telescopic False Lash Mascara Waterproof Black.
Whats in your Mascara Wardrobe?