hair history 2003-2006
hair history 2003-2006

I thought I'd do a Throwback Thursday showing some photos from my past which you guys might will find funny. I always get "OH YOU LOOK SO DIFFERENT" when I show old photos of me, Considering they are almost 10 years old some of them, I'd like to think I look at least a little bit different! Although I think I changed most facially between the ages of 18-21. These photos are from about 2003-2006-7 (13-17) and are in no particular order. As you can see my hair is SO different from the uber girly hair I currently sport so I thought it would be fun to look at some of my past hair styles. I managed to nab these off my old myspace account but when I go home for Christmas I promise I'll find a old hard drive and then the lolz will really begin. Im sure I've got way too many photos I'd rather forget on there!

I was as you can probably guess a massive scene kid for majority of this period of time! The first line 3rd photo is a photo I took when I proclaimed "I've finally got my dream hair"… *awkward silence* That story is my housemates favourite story from my past because its so ridiculous. How awkward, but Yeah, it was cool back then. I promise! I've had a straight and a side fringe for equal amounts of time and I did used to do the emo comb over way too much! No scene queen was without a oversized bow or a ridiculous clip and I had a headband collection to rival Blair Waldorf. Backcombing is and was one of my best friends back then and I used to tease my hair into the biggest ball evr.  I remember a ex of mine used to say I always smelt of TRESemme because I used to use SO much hairspray to keep my hair that huge.

I've had my hair all sorts of colours from red, purple, brown, blonde, turquoise etc. I'd chop and change loads back in the day, much like I do now. I had black hair with a red side bit for the longest time, probably over a year.  It meant I could hide it for school but also have the colour show through at the weekends. I really liked my hair when it was the purple shade but from what I remember I don't think I had that very long. I think I went back to brown very quickly because it was to hard to keep up. My least favourite hair colour was black as didn't suit me at all and made me look so pale and washed out but that was all part of the scene-emo look back then! Incase you're wondering my natural hair colour was blonde until I started dying it now it's a mid/dark brown.

I also went through a phase of always getting my hair cut short and getting extensions.  I used to buy wefts and sew the clips on myself and dye them all sorts of colours. Looking back those things were so darn ratty after a while god knows how I got away wearing them! I did use to replace them quite a lot but I remember having to straighten them the night before I went to school and leaving them hanging draped over my bed.

As I stopped being emo (the summer before I went to college)  I went through a phase of having a side fringe and wearing a side ponytail. I don't know where I picked this up from but my hair was so short at the time I couldn't really do too much with it. I probably wore my hair like this for about a year non stop! I'll save the rest of the college years photos for another time but I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my hair history.
Check back soon for more cringe photos of my hair past!