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under eye circle bag treatments

origins no puffery: £24*
liz earle eyebright soothing eye lotion : £10.75*
skyn iceland hydro cool firming pads: £25*

The eye area is the most sensitive part of the face. The under eye area is prone to redness, puffiness, dark circle and bags. Sometimes it's hard applying or removing makeup when the area is so sore, I find this is especially hard during the party season. I’m known to going to bed with my makeup on and waking up with very dry, irritated eyes. Even things like the weather, lack of sleep and air con can make my eyes look ropey. Here are a few products to help avoid a puffy, dry under eye area...

After a long day of staring at a computer screen, there is nothing more soothing on the eyes as ice cold under eye roll on. Keep it in the fridge for extra coolness on extra puffy mornings. The yeast extract in ORIGINS NO PUFFERY also instantly puts puffy under eyes in their place and lightens dark circles. Under eye masks are a new thing to me but they have quickly risen up the ranks of my favourite products. I love the SKYN ICELAND HYDRO COOL FIRMING PADS especially. Pop them on as soon as you wake up and after you’re done making a cuppa and having breakfast you’re left with noticeably de-puffed eyes. Getting to work in just 10 minutes you reap the benefits of a cooling eye boost. Great for hangover skin as well as they really hydrate and soothe tired eyes. Lastly, a non oily cooling herbal lotion. LIZ EARLE EYEBRIGHT SOOTHING EYE LOTION tones, cool and refresh tired, puffy eyes. Packed full of dreamy natural ingredients like witch hazel, aloe vera and cornflower. I place two saturated cotton pads onto my eyes and lie back and let them do their magic. You're left with instantly refreshed eyes with a much brighter wide awake look.

What are your de-puffing products of choice?

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