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I almost forgot about my Bi-Weekly X Factor hair post today! I didn't catch the show at the weekend so I've been catching up today. As usual Jamie Stevens was on hand creating a variety of hair looks for all the remaining contestants armed with a selection of TreSemme Pro Shine products. Using his guidelines this week I've decided to attempt Hannah's hair as I really liked the whole relaxed wave type look. Although my recent Glamour Waves video is a very similar technique I decided to give it a twist. Mainly to make it look a little more me because with my hair off my face I looked like I was straight out of the 80's (see last pic of the tiled photo!). Her hair looks a little more retro than my attempt, but I gave it a go!

Step One: As I was on second day hair I gave my head a good blast of dry shampoo and then primed the hair with the TreSemme Pro Shine Heat Style Primer. It's always good to use a heat protectant on the hair when using heated styling tools to minimise damage.

Step: Two: Next I brushed my hair through with a detangling brush to get rid of any leftover dry shampoo residue and to ensure the heat protectant was evenly distributed. Make sure there aren't any knots in your hair as it makes it difficult to curl. I parted my hair on the side using a rat tail comb, it doesn't matter which side you part the hair on, whichever you feel flatters your face best.

Step Three: Take about 2 inch section and backcomb lightly at the root, you don't need to be too neat as we are going to smooth it all out later. I've backcombed just to give my hair a bit of lift at the root, If you're worried about backcombing here you could always use a volumising dust to instead of the backcomb as its damage free.

Step Four: Using a large conical wand curl the hair towards the face. You want your curls to frame the face rather than go away with them. I feel it looks a lot more retro styling it this way than away from the face. Repeat all round the head, setting each curl with a quick blast of TreSemme Pro Shine Hold Fixing Spray before moving onto the next.

Step Five: Take a soft brush and brush all the curls out to soft glamorous retro looking waves. You then just play around smoothing and brushing until the hair looks how you want it to look. I find the more I brush it the softer the curls look.

Step Six: Hannah's hair is flipped back to give it a really retro look, but that doesn't really suit me. So I've pulled the front section of my hair down to frame my face better. It's much more flattering on me and doesn't look so 80's! To get Hannah's look just backcomb the hair at the root and flip it backwards and smooth over with a brush.

Step Seven: Spritz a comb with the TreSemme Pro Shine Illumination Shine Oil Spritz to tame any frizz and give a lovely glossy finish. One of Jamie Stevens top tip's is to do it like this so it applies evenly and doesn't look glossy in one section. This is also great for smoothing out dry ends and pulling things together!

So there we go a simple retro waved hair style which took me all of 10 minutes to achieve. Because you're taking such wide sections of hair in the tong I was able to curl each side only 4-5 times. I never really curl my hair towards my face but I actually quite like how retro and sleek it looks...
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