L'Oreal Hair Chalks review swatch photo
L'Oreal Hair Chalks review swatch photo

I only ever really go to events these days when I know I'm really interested in a product. Not because I'm lazy or cannot be bothered, but I've vowed to cut down on my beauty consumption for 2014, so I decided to give it a head start. This launch was a different kettle of fish. I first heard about the L’Oreal Hair Chalks backstage at the Ashish show during LFW after stalking mega babe Chloe Noorgard in backstage snaps. The hair for the Ashish S/S 2014 show was created using hair chalk, unlike anything seen before on the market. Designs in the forms of Stripes and lines were painted directly onto the models hair to create a unique look Now I'm no stranger to stripes and patterns in my hair, I was around during the Kiki Kannibal thing (anyone? no?) but the idea always stuck with me, and I eagerly awaited the launch.

Although the products are marketed as hair chalks, I feel they are more like semi permanent colours. It's a unique new liquid formula which doesn't feel like hair chalk in the slightest. Which is actually really awesomne as I have dry, damaged hair. While I do like hair chalking, it really REALLY dries out the hair as the chalk sucks up all the moisture. What I really don't need is my hair being dried out even more when I decide to switch up the colour.On the other hand, these didn't make my hair feel dry or even like they'd been chalked at all. These claim to lasting up to three washes and the best part? They don't transfer once dried which is a HUGE plus as hair chalk can all over your clothes.

The shades include Sweet Sixteen Pink, First Date Violet, Blue Ocean Cruise, Garden Party, Coral Sunset, Coffee Break, Bronze Beach & Black Tie. The shades applied to my hair were Sweet Sixteen Pink, First Date Violet & Blue Ocean Cruise, I wanted to embrace the whole my little pony hair type thing. I literally cannot begin to explain how pigmented these Hair Chalks are. The ones applied to my hair were diluted 50% with water... imagine how bright they come out on dark hair. I've had visual confirmation that these do work on dark hair! I'm sure you dark haired gals who want to experiment are jumping for joy! I know how hard it is to add colour to dark hair, especially semi's. Mine washed out after two, one with regular shampoo the other with  a clarifying colour removing shampoo (more on these next week!) so no worries about it not coming out!

Only downside to these is that they are exclusive to L'Oreal Professional Salons (find your nearest stockist at www.lorealprofessionel.co.uk) and also Look Fantastic so arent easy to find on the highstreet. They retail for £15 per container and I bet you could get a ton of uses out of one bottle, but I do think its expensive for what it is. My favourite shade is definitely the Blue Ocean Cruise, it's such a bright turquoise blue!

PS. Excuse my bedraggled makeup/terrible photo! Long day!
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