80's Disco Waves  with TRESemme Pro Shine review swatch photo
80's Disco Waves  with TRESemme Pro Shine review swatch photo
80's Disco Waves  with TRESemme Pro Shine review swatch photo
80's Disco Waves  with TRESemme Pro Shine review swatch photo
80's Disco Waves  with TRESemme Pro Shine review swatch photo

Each week on X Factor, Hairstylist Jamie Stevens is on hand creating a variety of looks for all the contestants. Following his tips and with a bit of help in the form of the TRESemme Pro Shine range, Every other week I'm creating one of the X Factor hair looks at home. This week it's my turn, and I decided to tackle Tamera's disco diva look. I've never actually done anything on myself like this before. I'm normally very beachy rather than crazy and 70's/80's. But even as I was watching the show on Saturday night I knew this was going to be the hairdo I wanted to create. I wasn't quite sure how it was gonna work on me, I just knew that this was the one!

I didn't have a curling wand as small as the one they used to create her look, but I just worked with what I had! I just picked the smallest barrelled one I had and used small sections. You could use even smaller sections to get tighter, smaller waves. Anyway check below for my step my step of how to get her amazing 80's Disco waves! Also, I desperately need to get my roots blended! I can't believe how dark they are, so please... Ignore that.

Step One: Start off by washing your hair with the TRESemme Pro Shine Shampoo and Conditioner then apply a generous amount of the TRESemme Pro Shine Ultimate Volume Whip. I applied mine to the comb first and then combed it through as I find this is a much better way to get an even application in the hair. Be careful not to add too much product as mousse is tricky, start off with less and then add more if you think you need it.

Step Two: Flip your hair upside down and blast with a hair dryer to give lots of root boosting volume.

Step Three: After the hair is dry, Spritz TRESemme Pro Shine Heat Protect Style Primer and then coat the hair with the TRESemme Pro Shine Lasting Hold Fixing Spray. Here, you want to make the hair slightly crispy but not too stiff. This is so the curls hold a little better, My hair is especially hard to curl and I found this combined with the mouse kept my hair very curly!

Step Four: Take your hair and section it ready to curl. Personally I like to go from the bottom to the top which is how I've done it. To curl I used the smallest curling iron barrel I have but I think on Tamera's hair Jamie Stevens used a Micro wand to get really tiny waves. This took me about an hour to do my whole head! God knows how long it took them to do Tamera's hair which is longer and thicker than mine!

Step Five: After all that curling and you have a proper little curly do, you want brush out the curls to soften them. Then I went in with my hands just to rough everything up to give mega volume. You could also backcomb the hair a little for ultimate volume!

Step Six: When you're satisfied with the shape of your hair finish everything off with a good spritz of the TRESemme Pro Shine Lasting Hold Fixing Spray.

& Voila, 80's disco big hair! It's crazy and not something that I've ever tried before. I actually loved it despite it probably not being the most wearable style ever. I felt so Beyonce and a proper little diva!

The TRESemme is the Digital Hair Partner for X Factor and TRESemme Pro Shine Range  is exclusive to Tesco
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