bare minerals lash domination mascara

bare minerals lash domination mascarareview swatch photo
bare minerals lash domination mascara review swatch photo
bare minerals lash domination mascara review swatch photo
bare minerals lash domination mascarareview swatch photo

bare minerals lash domination mascara: £16*

Bare Minerals Lash Domination Mascara has been my mascara of choice over the past few weeks. I'm sent lots of mascaras, but I am very fussy when it comes to what I like and don't like with them so tend to stick to the ones I know. I've never tried anything from Bare Minerals before that wasn't a powder/mineral item, so I was attracted to give this a go. My initial sell point when reading the press release was it's 10 in 1 claims. We all know the usual mascara blurb: volumizing, lengthening, lash growing, non clumping, not flaking etc etc... need I go on? This is basically claiming all the major selling points of a mascara all balled up into one formula. I was intrigued so gave it a whirl.

The brush is quite different from other mascaras I've tried in the past. It has a plastic spiralled brush which is designed to coat every single lash from top to bottom. Initially I found it quite hard to use because I couldn't master the use of the brush and even now after using it for a few months I still find it tricky to get right. It's very very easy to overload the lashes with the product which made them stick together and look clumpy and spider-lashy. Once this happens it's hard to recover as the formula is so thick it's hard to brush through. I am a fan of that sort of look, but not when it looks like I have only a few lashes on each of my eyes due to them sticking and clumping together. Now I'll put my hands up and say I'm rubbish at applying mascara anyway so this might just be down to my poor application skills. The formula of Lash Domination Mascara is really stand out. The product is smooth black pigmented and doesn't flake or fade. I haven't found it hard to remove and no issues with it irritating my eyes throughout the day.

Overall I think it's a good mascara when used correctly but when used incorrectly it can look awful and border on really tacky spider lashes. I like the drama and the doll like look it brings to my eyes. You can see in the photos how the lashes have a tendency to clump together a little too much and make them look stuck together rather than separated and elongated. I'd class this as an evening mascara, but I like to wear it when I'm not wearing eyeliner to bring definition and focus back to my eyes. The lengthen and volumizing properties are there, and I think my lashes do feel in a lot better condition since trialling this. Although I can't put this down to this mascara alone, But I have noticed my lashes getting a teeny bit longer and stronger over the past few weeks. If you're looking for a reference point, then Lash Domination is similar to the results I get with Benefit They're Real Mascara with a different brush, similarly priced but a little harder to work with.
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