Maybelline BROWDrama review swatch photo
Maybelline BROWDrama review swatch photo
Maybelline BROWDrama in Medium Brown: £4.49

Brows are my thing. My beloved brows are my pride and joy, albeit slightly unruly at the moment and could do with a good threading session. I'm determined to grow that the front part out so thats why they are left a bit longer than I should! I wanted to test out some more budget friendly brow products I thought I'd start with this new launch from Maybelline. Maybelline BROWDrama is a tinted brow sculpting mascara. I got the shade Medium Brown as I worried the Dark Brown would be too brown. I probably should have got the dark brown, as I think medium brown would be more suitable to an ashier coloured brow hair than mine.

I have to admit I wasn't impressed with this product. I felt it added very little colour and while it tamed my brows somewhat, I felt it left a bit of a white residue in them. While it didn't leave my eyebrow feeling crispy, I just felt the whitish tint made it look like they were. I don't know how well you can tell from the photos the eyebrows have a slightly whitish, crusty look to them which I didn't like. I felt like it was making my brows look very odd! I did, however like the "360" brush as it was the perfect shape for shaping the brow and getting into all the hairs.

It could be appropriate for no makeup makeup days when you just want to slick down your brows a little. Even with my very full brows I feel I'd need to add a little shadow or something to the front of the brow before applying Brow Drama. As it is a sculpting tinted brow mascara it is probably best used simply to set rather than fill in. When worn alone it's a long way from giving dramatic brows like the name implies. I feel like cheap clear mascara does just as good of a job for half the price. I can't say I'd recommend this if you have full brows like me as I really don't think it's worth it. Maybe if you had light brows and needed something to add a tint it'd be more suitable, but I can't see the benefits when I have dark brows to start with apart from the smooth them down a bit.
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