Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover & Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel

Two of my all time favourite skincare items are from Clarins. A brand I think can often be overlooked, But it actually has an excellent variety of skincare, makeup and body items. I use quite a few skincare items from the range, but I've discovered a staple Clarins combo that I can't recommend enough. I enjoy the combination of products so much that it shapes the basis for my skincare routine.

As I like to remove my eye makeup before my face, I always used the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup remover first. This is so I'm not eye spreading makeup all over my face before using a cleanser. The eye makeup remover will eliminate even the most heavy duty waterproof eye makeup in one swift motion. The product is a two part liquid solution that when shaken creates a gentle eye makeup remover that takes everything off with minimal effort. Then I follow up with the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel. This is hands down my favourite cleanser of all time, I've repurchased it at least 5 times since I found it last year. This is a light gel that once applied to the skin melts into an oil, then as water is added it emulsifies. Then I'll take a clean, hot cloth I remove all the product from the face. My skin is left so fresh and clean without feeling stripped, dry or coated. It leaves no residue so I can use this alone as a single cleanse. I usually find balm cleansers are too rich for my spot prone skin. So I often I feel I have to double cleanse to get the residue off in case it triggers a breakout. However find I can use the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel alone without having any adverse effects of my currently troublesome skin.

As I said these products are reliable and fail safe when used alone. I've never experienced any bad effect suisn geither of them and my skin seems to love them both. Individually they are two of the best makeup removing products I've tried. Though when used as a duo they really come together to make a dream team combo I can't live without. I don't toss Holy Grail tags around too much, but these are really something else.
Have you tried either of these products?