batiste oriental dry shampoo

batiste oriental review swatch photo
batiste oriental review swatch photo
batiste oriental: £2.99*

Every time I review Batiste I always stress how much of a beauty essential the item is. An absolute must have for greasy hair days or just washed hair that needs a bit of "dirt" to make styling a little bit easier. I just cant get enough of the stuff. I'm never without a can or two in my beauty stash. Their newest launch is Batiste Oriental. Inspired by the far East, the dry shampoo has notes of apple, jasmine and berry with a slight musky edge. The scent lingered quite a bit on my hair which was unexpected, but it didn't offend my sensitive nostrils and I quite liked having nice smelling hair. A big selling point for me (apart from the fact it works!) is the packaging of this one. Like all Batiste Dry Shampoo's, it has a really eye-catching design. This one looks extra eye-catching as it's so unique and reflects the theme well. It'd look lovely on a dresser as a display item, considering that dry shampoo isn't the most glamorous beauty item. At least the packaging is nice. In all, I don't love all the scent's Batiste do but this is a really nice one, and I would really recommend it. I'm a Batiste Tropical girl, but this one is definitely worth giving a whirl.
What's your favourite Batiste "flavour"?

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