5 fot £5: nails review swatch photo
NYC POLISH IN LIGHTS, CAMERA, GLITTER (£2.49),Models Own Utopia (£5), 
Maybelline Forever STRONG IN CERAMIC BLUE (£4.09), BArry M Gelly Hi SHINE in GUAVA (£3.99)*,

Now this was a hard one to narrow down. I'm a nail junkie and I don't personally think that spending over a fiver on a nail product is worth it. Especially when there are so many amazing drugstore or low end nail products out. But I have to pick just 5… Trust me, It's hard. Without further ado, here is my edit of my top 5 for under £5 for nails...

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover is the ultimate nail polish remover. No need for cotton wool or the worry of spilling product. This little pink pot of joy is a must have for any nail polish user. It removers nail polish simply with such speed you'll wonder how you lived without it. Next up is Maybelline Forever Strong in Ceramic Blue. A dreamy light blue shade with a slight sheen going through it to give it an extra edge. It's absolutely beautiful and looks lovely all year round. It's also one of the few nail polishes I've repurchased. If you're looking for a brilliant drugstore glitter, then I highly recommend NYC Lights Camera Glitter. It's a clear polish base full of tiny particles of silver glitter with chunks of blue and lilac glitter going through it. Plus at only £2.49, it's a steal for glitter polish.

Now we have a nail colour I can't live without: Models Own Utopia. An excellent neutral white-lilac which is my favourite nail polish of all time. It's a stunning shade that looks great layered with glitter or worn alone. Then we haveBarry M Gelly Hi Shine in Guava, a punchy bright orange shade which looks awesome with a tan. It applies evenly and has a glossy gel nail finish. It dries quickly and is one coat opaque. To be honest I really recommend all of the shades of Models Own and Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Polishes ranges. They are astounding quality and come in rainbow of shades to suit any taste. There is definitely at least one shade to suit everyone. They are both innovative and trend led drugstore brands that have really set the bar for nail polishes you can find at the drugstore. Both come in for under a fiver and often provide dupes for the must have shades from higher end brands. I know for a fact Models Own alone has over 140 different nail polish shades in a variety of finishes.
What are your favourite nail item for under £5?