september favourites review swatch photo

Dove Leave in Conditioner Spray, Ojon Dry Recovery Spray*, Ebay Push Down Pump, Michel Mercier Detangling Brush, Topshop Hedonist, Bourjois Twist Up The Volume Mascara*, Coloursmash Hair Chalk, Hydraluron, OPI Nail Envy*, Oribe Thickening Spray

Watching back over my September favourites I don't think I really talked about the products that I was actually discussing in the video very well. Sometimes my brain goes utterly blank while filming, and things I want to say just don't come out how I intend them to! Argh, So to correspond with the video (which you can see on my channel) I thought I'd post a brief overview of some of the products on the blog as well as linking to all the full reviews of products that I've I've done in the past of the products. This way you get a bit more than a quick overview and can skip past the products you don't care for.

Dove Leave in Conditioner (full review) & Ojon Dry Recovery Spray (full review): I'm grouping these two together as I feel they do exactly the same thing, but ones high end and the other, low end. Basically, they are both just very lightweight oil/leave in conditioner sprays. They nourish the hair, help untangle knots and refresh my dry ends. My favourite thing to do is to apply it all over my hair, brush my hair to remove knots and then blast with a hairdryer. Hello smooth, silky hair.

Michel Mercier Detangling Brush (full review) : I liked the Tangle Teaser, but I really love this. An excellent detangling brush which really helps remove knots and smooth out my hair. I love that it has quite strong bristles while also having a handle which gets through even the most knotty of knots!

Ebay Push Down Pump Bottle (full review): Who doesn't love needless but functional packaging. My nail technician always uses push down pump bottles and after a quick eBay search I picked up a few for myself. I have nail polish remover in one which makes spillages completely non existent and I'm not wasting a bunch of nail polish remover fluid over saturating a cotton pad. I don't think these are essential, but they are really functional and I've been really enjoying using them.

Topshop Hedonist (full review): A beautiful matte orange toned red lipstick, Which looks beautiful worn day and night. Paired with neutral eyes and a lightly contoured cheek this pencil has been gracing itself on my lips for my everyday at-home glamour look.

Bourjois Twist Up the Volume Mascara: I don't know how this became one of my favourite mascara. I don't normally like brushes that are so plastic, bristles all the way. None the less, it quickly went up the beauty ranks after discovering it makes the perfect no makeup makeup mascara. It's really light, but coats the lashes well to give black, lengthened lashes without drama. This isn't one for those who want big, voluminous lashes but it's a great everyday mascara which gives ton's of length. Even the volume setting of this mascara doesn't add too much product and still looks fairly natural. It's very versatile.

Coloursmash Hair Chalk: Hair chalk has become my new thing. I love that I can use it to chop and change parts of my hair colour only for it to wash out after one wash. I've been loving this pink one to add a little hint of pink into my currently super boring blonde hair. I also purchased some more hair chalks to use in a future post. So keep an eye out for those if you're curious in that sort of stuff!

Hydraluron (full review): This is a tricky one to explain. It's a serum packed full of Hyaluronic acid which is naturally produced in the skin but as you age the skin produces less. When I add this back into my routine, I wonder how I coped without it. It really makes my skin hydrated and feel plumper, smoother and the texture much more refined. I always forget how much I adore this until I stop using it and then have that EUREKA moment when I do start again!

OPI Nail Envy (full review): One of those hyped products I never got around to trying. But after getting my acrylics removed I needed something to sort my dry, brittle nails out ASAP. It's a clear polish or base coat which helps the nails grow and strengthen. I've noticed a huge difference in my nails in three short weeks. I am going back to acrylics (naughty, i know!), but I cant recommend this enough if you're having a break or need something to keep your nails in tip top condition.

Oribe Thickening Spray: I thought I liked the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray until this came along. It's a mega volume boosting blow dry spray which leaves my hair looking huge... I mean next level huge. Even a few days after my hair still felt big, bouncy and volumized. I add about 5-8 of pumps to wet hair, flip my head down and then blast with a hair drier. It doesn't dry my hair out like the B&B one and more expensive than B&B, but I feel like it works so much better. I love how long it lasts in my hair and it makes me hair feel awesome. You do need to use it sparingly or you might end up with emo throwback hair!
What are your favourite products from the month of September?