OPI Nail Envy review swatch photo
OPI Nail Envy: £18.65*

As most people are aware I wear acrylics, I wasn't blessed with a lovely nail bed or long strong nails. I've been wearing false nails for probably about 6 years on and off now, before settling on getting regular acrylics. Recently I decided to take them off and give my nails a good break. But if you've had acrylic nails before you know the state of your nails after they come off. Weak, ridged and generally just not the nicest looking things. Although to be honest I've always had really weak nails, even before I discovered acrylics.

In comes the OPI Nail Envy. Something that's constantly harped on about to me by my friends and my nail technician. Honestly, its been lurking in my collection for so long but is just something I've never gotten round to giving a whirl. So for the last three weeks of non-nail abuse I've been using the OPI Nail Envy and I can honestly say it has worked. While my nails arent anywhere near being in amazing condition, and I am actually going to get acrylics applied today. My nails have really turned themselves around in such a short time. They look noticably stronger, healthier and actually feel like nails. Not the super thin shadow of a nail they were before. I know Im going to ruin them again by being naughty and getting acrylics, but I feel this month long break has really benefitted my nails and has prompted me to do it again in the future.

I applied this once a day in the evening before bed just because it was conveniently on my night table so I didn't forget. It just came as part of my nightime routine. Im terrible at sticking to doing things, but when you stick to routines you do get results. In all, a big thumbs up for OPI Nail Envy. It's darn pricey but does what it says on the bottle. I wish my nails were a nice shape naturally and grew properly, but I cant recall a period of time in my whole life that I've had nails in good condition. I hate their natural shape