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On Sunday I went along to at the Mary Katrantzou show which can only be described as and explosion of colour, ruffles and print. The collection began with muted hues (purples, maroons and blacks) going into the typical Katrantzou bright neons (think acidic tones of yellow, blue and pink). Playful cuts in the form of baby doll's and strapless numbers contrasted with ruffles and embellishment. Everything felt so happy and positive, full of colour and a real joy to the eyes. Mary Katrantzou is the queen of all things print, she just gets it so right. It's surreal, unique and tantalising and really is one of the must watch shows at LFW.

I also went backstage with St.Tropez to take a look at how St.Tropez is being used behind the scenes at these kind of events. The models were prepped with gorgeous slightly bronzed legs with a hint of colour and shimmer which was the perfect compliment to the bold prints. It really made the skin look flawless, warm and even, St.Tropez Instant Tan Wash Off Face & Body is the ultimate beauty kit essential. The tan really compliments outfits and really finishes a look things off beautifully. St.Tropez Instant Tan Wash Off is perfect for popping in your bag and being on the go. The colour is natural, it dries in seconds and looks exactly like a real tan. It's also a great temporary tan which can wash off easily with soap and water. Having said that the best part about it is that its completely waterproof and doesn't run at all. So you don't have to worry about having streaky legs if you get caught in the rain!

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