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This Lanolips review is long over due. I've sang the praises of the Dr Lipp Nipple balm for a while now but I've always felt it felt ultra thick and balmy on my lips. Lanolips is made out of Ultra pure grade Lanolin which makes it super slippy and butter soft on the lips. They feel super light on the lips without being tacky, smothering them in product. Lanolips is hands down my personal favourite lip treatment I've ever used. My lips adore lanolin but I often find its too heavy and feels a bit too thick. Because Lanolips is ultra refined version feels lovely on my lips and really keeps my chapped lips hydrated and flake free, this is definitely going to be an autumn winter must have

Lanolips Banana Balm is a mix of 50% ultra pure grade lanolin, shea butter, beeswax and banana extract and 1% shimmer. Im not a huge banana fan but this doesn't taste nasty in the slightest, it's very pleasant intact. The balm is glossy and non greasy and really coats and protects the lips from the elements while not sitting on the surface of the lips. While this balm does have a minimal shimmer in it but it doesn't overpower the balm, and isn't too noticeable on the lips. It just adds a subtle pop. Lanolips Lemonaid is a balm that has a fresh lemony scent, packed fill of citric acid and lemon oil which acts as an natural exfoliator on the lips. The texture is super light and glides onto the lips with such ease. It absorbs quickly into my lips and leaves them super duper soft with the added benefit of exfoliating properties. I love lemony lip balms as well so this is just perfect!

I really like Lanolips, the brand is cute and eye catching and really does work. It's a little bit more glamorous than the Dr Lipp Nipple Balm and a hell of a lot lighter in texture. I always get super chapped lips as soon as the weather starts to turn and these will be exactly the right product for those months!