Burberry S/S14 Nail Polish

 Burberry Nail Polish review swatch photo

 Burberry Nail Polish review swatch photo

 Burberry Nail Polish review swatch photo

Burberry Pale Yellow No. 415 Nail Polish review swatch photo

Burberry Dusky Mauve No. 405 Nail Polish review swatch photo

Burberry Nail Polish Pale Yellow No. 415* & Burberry Nail Polish  Dusky Mauve No. 405*

Is it weird to describe a nail polish as buttery? I don't even know why that was the first word that came to mind when I was swatching up these Burberry Nail Polishes. Six new shades are being added to the Burberry Beauty collection and were revealed backstage at the spring summer show last week. A limited edition capsule collection containing six shades: Pale Grape, Rose Pink, Dusky Mauve, Mink, Pale Yellow and Sage Green. I was sent a few of the soon to be launched shades, and I thought I'd show you them today. Smooth, pigmented and an absolute dream to apply. Burberry sure know how to do luxe nail polish. I'm always in two minds about high end polish, why spend the extra pennies when cheaper polishes are just the same. I did feel these did have a very luxurious feel to them and could really note the difference in quality when using them. They applied so evenly and smooth and both were opaque in one coat. An additional coat was applied purely to make sure it was completely even but you can easily be worn with just one layer.

The shades all have a soft, feminine English Rose edge to them. I think they are unique shades for spring, steering away from pastels and towards more punchy shades. I received Burberry Pale Yellow No. 415 Nail Polish, which is a really lovely muted mustard yellow. This was sported by the beautiful Cara Delevigne on the runaway during the spring/summer 2014 show. I think it's a really individual shade, and If it's good enough for Cara it's good enough for me. I also got Burberry Dusky Mauve No. 405 nail polish is a pretty deep purple brown with a sort of pastel edge. It looks retro and charming without being too in your face.

If you are desperate to get your paws on the The Burberry Spring/Summer 2014 Runway Nail Collection, it retails for £90 at www.burberry.com until September 30. And then will be launched counter wide from January. They are pricey, but I cant fault the quality. I think Pale Yellow is a wonderful colour and a stand out shade. I might be biased as I do love Cara way too much...
What do you think of these spring ready shades?
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Note: I dont know why 405 has photographed so badly, I think it's the plastic nail I used wasnt very smooth! 


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