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(Photos by Ella Tebbutt)
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I know I complained constantly when the weather was hot and now it's starting to turn I do feel a little bit sad that it's not so hot. Even though I'm still really struggling to get to sleep as it's too warm and I cant sleep without a duvet. Us Brit's are never happy with the weather! Today I'm just finishing up a bit of work and then I need to go into central for some meetings and to take back some clothes I bought a few weeks ago that are lurking in a bag at the end of my bed. I'm still sticking to my two week rule of even if I love something I cant keep it unless I wear it within two week's of buying it. It's pushing three on some of them and despite the fact I adore them, if I've not worn them yet I probably wont get around to wearing them in the future! I also think I might purchase a new pair of boots, I want some new flat ones with some sort of fancy cut out. Im trying to slimline my shoe collection, but it just aint happening!