Oribe Apres Beach Spray Oribe Dry Texturising Spray review swatch photo
Oribe Apres Beach Spray: £33
Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: £38

When I was in Space NK buying these with my friend, I could literally see the look of horror on his face as I silentedly handed over my card to the ridicilous total that was presented to me when I bought these. Right off the bat lets get this out the way, these are bloomin' pricey. Like next level expensive aka you know you shouldnt buy these at all because the price is so high. While I personally think they are 100% worth it, They are ridiculously expensive. Now thats been delt with, onto the actual products.

My hair is flat, long, limp and umanagable at best. Most hairspray and texurising spray just don't seem to make a huge amount of difference, and tend to look alright for the first hour and then my hair is back how I started. I bought a travel can of the Oribe Texturizing Spray a few months ago and noticed a huge difference in how my hair was sitting. It looked fluffier and more texturised, especially when I wear my hair straight (ie. most of the time, I'm lazy!) It's like a dry shampoo hairspray hybrid but without any of the tackiness or stickiness. It's a very matte, undone finish that leaves a sort of "dirty" texture behind. But I like that kind of finish on my hair, the more bedhead looking the better. I love spraying it into my roots too add volume and refresh them slightly. I had only planned to buy that when I went in that day but I decided to get the Oribe Apres Beach Spray as well. I'd read a few raves about it and thought meh what the hell. I tend to apply it to both wet and dry hair. It's essentially a salt spray but not so wet. It doesnt leave and crunchiness behind or leave my hair feeling like a dry tangled mess. It adds so much texture, grip and body to my hair, something that I struggle so much to get. It It makes styling so much easier as it gives something for my freshly washed hair to grip on to. I use this pretty much daily these days and I have no qualms with it at all. It leaves my hair looking exactly how I like it without having to wait 2 days for it to get a bit messier!

Expensive and probably not one for everyone but these are perfect for my hair and I've been really happy with it since adding them both to my regular hair routine. Fluffy, volumised hair that lasts all day. Yes please. Just ignore that price tag... cough.