models own velvet goth collection nail polish review swatch photo
models own velvet goth obsidian nail polish review swatch photo
models own velvet goth collection amethyst nail polish review swatch photo
models own velvet goth collection valerian nail polish review swatch photo
models own velvet goth collection absinthe nail polish review swatch photo
models own velvet goth collection obsidian amethyst valerian absinthe sardonyx review swatch photo
Models Own Obsidian Nail Polish*
Models Own Amethyst Nail Polish*
Models Own Valerian Nail Polish*
Models Own Absinthe Nail Polish*
Models Own Sardonyx Nail Polish*

As we all know I love Models Own Nail polish and they have rarely put out collections that I don't like. In their latest Artstix launch I discovered my new favourite nail polish (Cloud 9) and their past collections have also rated highly. I'd actually even go as far as calling myself a collector as I probably own most of the polishes they've realeased sine the brand started. I have a good relationship with them and they often send me new collections so I can swatch 'em up for you as soon as possible. So here I am with a new drop of Models Own Polishes in the form of their Autumn Winter collection named Velvet Goth. This is literally hot off the press, it was actually embargoed till today!

While the name suggests that these may be velvet finish (I did a collective sigh when the whole velvet/fuzzy nail trend came out last year, it was not my thing SHUDDER) they thankfully aren't. The collection actually has a slight textured finish. While nothing hugely noticeable like sand/textured polishes, the formula just slightly more textured than your average nail polish. However this can be lessened with a top coat to smooth everything out. The Velvet Goth polishes are packed full of multi faceted shimmer and larger glitter particles to give a dark gothic feel to the nails. The shades scream opulence and glamour, and I can see their nod to the gothic subculture. The nail polishes apply quite sheer (think jelly polish thin, not too thin but not opaque) and need two good coats to be full coverage. However they dry quickly and give a matte, slightly textured finish.

The packaging is in the typical Models Own style but the lid is trimmed with a soft velvet in a corresponding colour. I personally don't mind the feeling of velvet, but I can see others not being so keen. I couldn't get any proper product shots of the bottles because one arrived smashed which ruined the velvet on all the other's packaging. Which might be worth keeping in mind as I cant see the velvet topping staying clean for long because we all know that nail polish is pretty mess. As a result of the smashed polish of this I wasn't do a proper bootle/swatch photo of Sardonyx but I was able to do one swatch with the polish swatch wheel in the last image.

Models Own Obsidian Nail Polish is a pretty sleek black polish with silver shimmer. I think this is my favourite from the whole collection as it has such winter vibes and a nod to my emo days. Models Own Amethyst Nail Polish is a bright purple with purple micro shimmer and larger glitter particles going through it. Models Own Valerian Nail Polish is a deep navy blue which gets darker the more you apply the shade. Models Own Absinthe Nail Polish is the green one and it really screams Christmas nails at me. While Im not huge on green nails this is a very lovely shade and feel's very seasonal. Models Own Sardonyx Nail Polish is a beautiful ruby red which looks absolutely stunning. Im quite sad this one smashed as it is beautiful!

While the finish is odd, a matte shimmery glitter finish with a slight texture these are quite a nice Winter nail polish collection. They are very on trend and I do see them doing very well when they are released. It's a very safe Winter collection and I can see it doing well due to the seasonal colours, but do we really need more shimmery black/green/red nail polishes for Winter? It's a little cliche.

The Models Own Velvet Goth collection is a collection that is due to launch at the end of August. 24th August at the Models Own Bottle Shop and then from 2nd September at Models Own then UK wide from the 4th September. These retail for £5 and are 14ml.