marc jacobs honey review photo
marc jacobs honey: £68

So blanket blog coverage does work... I kid,  I had actually had my eye on Marc Jacobs Honey ever since I saw rumblings about it on a beauty website months ago. But in more recent weeks it received blanket blog coverage in the form of a ton of sponsored posts. For the record this isnt one, ButI was eagerly awaiting it's release so I could give it a whirl. Of course the amazing packaging really drew me in at first and the promise of honey notes excited me. Although once I smelt it I really didn't get any honey notes, which is slightly disappointed me at first because I was expecting something a little bit like the namesake. It's warm and vanilla-ry, with notes of honeysuckle, orange and slightly peachy. It's fresh and breezy and quite uplifting, it's not too sweet or floral either. It reminds me a little of Marc Jacobs Dot but much fresher and youthful. I do like it, obviously as I wouldn't have bought the 100ml. It just wasn't as I expected! I've tried almost all the Marc Jacobs perfumes and while I don't like this as much as Lola this is a lovely perfume and definitely worth a spritz or two!