diy at home pink ombre

diy at home pink ombre review swatch photo
diy at home pink ombre review swatch photo

So I decided to dye my hair pink again! It was a spur of the moment i'm-super-bored-on-a-saturday-home-alone-i-know-lets-dye-my-hair type of thing! I mixed a load of conditioner with a small bit of dye and popped that all over my head so my lighter highlights had a pink tone to them. I then took the undiluted dye and used the usual ombre method (backcomb, apply colour and then paint a few bits on) to get the brighter pink bits. I've washed it twice since I did it and it's already started to wash out which is bringing me great sadness. I quite like having an unnatural hair colour! I'm feeling sad in some ways that it's going so soon, but thats the problem with semi permanent hair colour, it fades so much quicker than you'd like it to! Getting pink hair at home is super easy and I'm not a hair expert but I managed to do it myself with relative ease! I talk about my motivations behind it a bit in the video as well as the products I used! Enjoy!

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