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I've been quite into a bit of radiance at the moment. I'm very much into that glow from within look so in comes the radiance primer. I've been testing a few and I've come across two that I thought were very similar so I'd do a "This or That" post on the two. A bit about my skin is quite odd, I have a very olive skin tone but because I'm fairly pale it can often look sallow or lack brightness. Primers often give that soft focus, blurred out look at the skin which really makes a huge difference to the way the skin looks.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance is a a very pretty glowing primer that smooths out the face and provides a flawless base. It has a slight tint to it and provides a natural sheer dewy finish. It clocks in at a whopping £28 for 30 ml so it is on the pricer side. I prefer to use this with alongside a smoothing primer (such as the Clarins Instant Smooth) as I feel it doesn't smooth as much as I like. It's slightly on the watery side I feel which feels nice on the skin but prefer something a little thicker. It does bring a lovely amount of glow to the face and enhances the complexion. It blends seamlessly into the skin and gives a non-glittery, radiant base. I like to mix this with my Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation as well because it blends so well.

Makeup Atelier Paris Eclat Makeup Base is a new brand to me so I've been trailing a fair few of their products out. Make-Up Atelier Paris is a a professional makeup brand. The products are exported globally from France and used by professional make-up artists and consumers all over the world. It's packed full of light enhancing and reflecting pigments to reflect light off the surface of the skin. The Eclat base is very similar in colour to the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer but with more of a pinky, lighter base compared to the peachier Laura Mercier one. It's a little thicker too and less fluid on the face which in turn smoothes out the skin a little more. It can be used before or after makeup to create a radiant, glowy base.

I think they look very similar when used on the face and do a great job of adding radiance and brightness to sallower skin tones. I think i slightly prefer the Makeup Atelier one if I'm being honest because it smooth out the skin a little more than the Laura Mercier. Also the price of the Laura Mercier one is about £10 more than the Makeup Atelier one for the same product!