River island top
Topshop Arabel Boots

I saw this top in River Island yesterday as I was strolling into the store to return a few bits and bobs and I couldnt resist. Now we all know I dont do colour, but something about it just was so... me. I dont like floral, and stripes really arent my bag, and I never really got on too well with the neon trend.  I went to a River Island Press day today and the press officer even said to me "Is that Lily? She doesnt wear colour!" Well thats right everyone, I wore some colour today and I... liked it? My Mother has decided to blame Zoe with my style direction at the moment but I think I just subconsciously channel queen babe of the moment Cara Delevinge without even realising it. Well a bit.. we have the same hair... and strong brows... basically I want to be her. Gosh I've used loads of ellipses in this post.

Excuse my chronic carb face, despite actually cutting carbs my face is still as round ever. FML. Today I spent some time chilling with my favourite little doggy Emma's little Beigel. He's literally the cutest little pooch around. I just want to speak in a baby voice and pet him constantly! What a cutie pie! I just got back from my exersise class and I feel like Im going to die. BRB.