primark jacket
asos necklace (sold out, similar here)

I loooove this outfit. While it's probably nothing special, if I was to pick one outfit this year that I've loved putting together it would be this one. Rose gold has always been my favourite jewellery and I love the way it really compliments my skin tone. I just cant get enough of the way it looks contrasted with black and white and a hint of blue and gold. It just comes together in the nicest way. I picked this jacket up from Primark around Christmas time last year and it was labelled £20 which I was like "well thats pricey but the jacket IS nice". Only to find out it was half price when I checked out. I love it when things like that happens! Its the best kind of fashion related surprise!

Tonight I'm off to some events- Pixi & Rimmel and possibly Caudalie. Three brands I adore so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what they have to offer going forward. I've also been desperately trying to organise myself for my upcoming holiday (4 weeks and two days, can you tell I'm counting!). Now if you're a long time follower then you'd know I normally go on holiday with my family every year and we always go to the same place. I'm looking forward to it but summer clothes are hard to buy, especially when I'm only going to wearing them two weeks a year! Bikini body worries are already settling in! Eeek!

The post name is a nod the wonderful new Daft Punk album. It's literally my favourite thing at the moment and I've shamelessly listened to it so many times. Definitely worth checking out (: