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We all know I love a good cat eye and I'm always on the hunt for the holy grail. So far I've got as far as the Pixi Lash Line ink being my absolute favourite eyeliner pen. But I like to give new things a fair chance so decided to give the No7 Stay Precise Felt Tip Liner pen a whirl. These days i can do a flick with almost minimal effort, but there was days when I couldnt for the life of me get a even line if I sat down and spent a good 10 minuites on it. Pen eyeliners are best for beginners and then try slowy graduating towards liquid and gel.

It's packaged in a slick felt tip pen format with a thin, stiff nib. I felt the application was absolutely effortless. As the pen is quite hard it makes it very simple to use. If you're an eyeliner n00b, it's easy to draw the corner "triangle" on and then fill the shape in. As it's so fine you can get right into the lash-line to really widen and brighten the eyes. Sadly the formula just isnt up to scratch for me. When applied it look's jet black and lasts a few hours. However I find after about 4-5 hours it faded to grey-black. It's not waterproof either so as soon as water gets near my eyes it starts to migrate and irritate my eyes.

In all, I really like the initial application and how easy to use the eyeliner pen is. It just fades too much on me and as soon as moisture hits my eyes are a smudged mess. I personally need something with a little bit more waterproof-ness or it just doesn't work. Overall I'd give it a A* for application and more like a C for formula. It's a shame it doesn't last longer on me as the pen itself is wonderful!