Excuse the old pink hair photos i've been wanting to post about my experiance learning to play the Ukulele for ages but I just havent got around to it quite yet! Now I know this isnt the usual thing I'd talk about on my blog so please bare with me if you have no interest at all about musical instruments but I get asked a lot about it so I thought I'd talk a bit about my experience learning! While I am still by no means an expert at it I have really enjoyed learning and picking up a new skill. I think its weird being an adult because things like learning to play a music instrument are seen to be a little bit odd!

I bought my Ukulele of ebay one night when I was really bored, stressed and emotional. I dont know why, I've never really had much intrest in playing a Ukulele specifically but I thought it would be something new to do. Ukulele's have a high sucess rate in learning to play as it is actually very easy to pick up. I love my white one as I was going through a white phase at the time and I love the way it looks. You can get them in loads of different shapes, colours and sizes but I opted for this one purely because it was the first that came up. I would recommend getting some new strings for it as well, I use the Aquila ones which were recommended to me by my teacher.

Lina mentioned that we should go to lessons so we decided to book a block of four with Learn to Uke. We decided to go to the absolute beginners class despite both knowing how to play a little before we went. Lorraine is a great teacher and the sessions lasted 2 hours and moved fairly quickly. We'd learn 3-4 songs per lessons as well as new chords each time. Now it sounds like it movers very quickly but I found it much better as it meant a lot at home practice but the more I felt like I had someone to show me then go home and practice the easier I found it. The price was really fair and I think me and Lina have decided to go to the next block of classes when we next have free time.

Other than my Uke lesson I've been watching a host of videos on Youtube teaching you how to strum and do various other things. It's easy to keep watching over and over as everything is repeatable. Their are tons of Ukulele tabs all over the internet as well to keep you occupied and to be honest most Uke songs are very simple to play.

In all I've loved learning to play my Ukelele and I cant wait to keep going with classes and play more. I couldn't believe how far I'd come in just four two hour lessons and practicing for about 30 mins a day. I really want to make background music for my Youtube videos next!