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lip balm review swatch photo
lip balm review swatch photo
lip balm review swatch photo
lip balm review swatch photo
Mor Lip Macaroon*,  Nuxe Reve De Meil Lip Balm, Carmex Original*, Burts Bee's Lip Balm*, Carmex Lime Lip Balm
Mor Lip Macaroon: I was sent this a while ago and didn't think a whole much about it but then one day I opened it and holy-sweet-jesus IT SMELLS SO GOOD. Literally the nicest smelling lip balm I've ever tried.  Very sweet, almost sickly in scent but smells like an absolute dream. Although these are formulated with mineral oils and I dont think the price tag is justifiable, it just tastes/smells so darn good. They do a nice job of moisturising the lips but I don't think they do anything outstanding and you can get cheaper alternatives (Vaseline is very similar, just doesn't smell as nice!) on the market for much less.

Nuxe Reve De Meil Lip Balm: This has been on the blogger rounds for a while and I bought it a few weeks a go to give it a whirl. I absolutely adore everything about this from the scent, taste, texture and finish. It looks slightly matte on my lips rather than that balmy finish you get with most lip balms. It feels really nourishing and always leaves my lips feeling protected and smooth.

Carmex Original: Carmex always reminds me of my exex boyfriend for some reason but I cant help but love the original formula so much. It's a very love it or hate it type of taste, it's a bit medicinal and hospital-like if you get what I mean. I personally love it and the thick formula protects and hydrates chapped lips quickly and easily.

Burts  Bee's Lip Balm: This bee's wax based lip balm is a best seller, packed with loads of natural ingredients that work together to moisturise and hydrate even the driest of lips. They are 100% natural and contain no nasties!

Carmex Lime Lip Balm: Like the original flavoured carmex but with a lime twist ina  more hygencic tube formula. I am absolutely addicted to this lip balm since I tossed it in an ASOS order a while ago. It tastes really fresh and upflifting. Thick, waxy but balmy texture with a medicinal taste and lime undertone. Soothing and hydrating and makes me lips feel instantly better. This is also SPF 15 so offers some degree of sun protection.

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