Feel's weird doing the first outfit post of the week on a Tuesday! It also feels like I haven't done a outfit in ages either! Although I really hope you enjoyed yesterdays video on my favourite favourites of the month of April. I had loads of good feedback on it so its going to be a feature thats here to stay!

I've always wanted one of those Cambridge style satchels but I just cant help but wince at the price! So pricey! However this one from Brand Village is a similar look without the price tag. I quite like it and it's really roomy and fits all my blogging bits so it's going to be good for travelling back and forth between central and home for meetings. I bought this Lazy Oaf baseball top a few weeks ago from ASOS, but it's almost sold out now so it's better to get it off the Lazy Oaf website. I love the eye print, I think it makes the Baseball top look so cool. I think mine is a mens large for the oversized baggy fit so i'd keep that in mind when ordering it if it catches your fancy!

Must dash as I'm off to personal training again. I've injured my forearm so I'm going a little harder on the cardio this week compared to weights and strength training. Im absolutely ravenous so I cant wait to get home and eat my dinner. I've finally got my daily routines sorted out so they keep me in check getting my blog done on time as well as doing all the other things I need to do in a day! Boring but simple things make me happy!