River Island Cami*
Zara Heels (similar here)
Urban Outfitters Purse Clutch

I picked up this bright camisole at the weekend when I was at home with my parents. I really love the colour although it looks more yellow in the photos than it does in real life. It's more of an acid yellow green shade. I didn't really think through the complexities of not wearing a bra with the top but it somehow worked. I am blessed/cursed (delete as appropriate) with a small chest so it wasn't too bad. Nipple problems were an issue but I didn't really leave the house for long! Note to self, buy nipple daisies. I wouldn't know what to suggest to wear under it if you were of a larger bust/need support. Maybe a strapless bra but I cant help but feel it looses the effect.

I've jumped on the "Mom" jean bandwagon too with the Topshop Mom jeans. I love the slouchy high waisted fit, they just have such a relaxed cool vibe (which I tend to be going for at the moment!)  to them and are so comfortable to wear. I took the piss out of my housemate for liking them for ages but decided I needed them in my life as soon as I jokingly tried them on in Topshop.

I did suggest in the video that this is a kind of summer inspired outfit for a evening out. I couldn't wear my Zara kitten heels everyday and I did swap for some flats when I went out. I love how this look all comes together as it has such a nice casual day to night feel to it. Perfect for a city break, dinner out or cocktails with the girls.

I also made a video to go alongside the post as I've been slacking this week on the Youtube front! I had such a lovely weekend at home I just didn't fancy the hassle of editing and uploading. I got back to London yesterday and going straight back into my daily routine has been a big ol' pain in the bum. However it's nice to be home and back in my super comfy bed in my nice clean room!