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Mascara Blobs: I cant apply Mascara, I never have been able to do it properly. I literally blob it on no matter what mascara I use high end to low end. I don't often review Mascaras on the blog because of this and when I do I generally get crappy comments about the state of my lashes anyway! I think in the life of this blog I've probably reviewed and shown mascara on my eyes about three times! It's also worth noting you'll probably notice now that in most of my photos of my eye's close up they'll always be dots or bits missing. I just haven't mastered the art of doing it, I don't know what I'm doing wrong or why I cant handle the most basic of beauty task's I just struggle! As my eyes are also super sensitive and I find that I'll often pick mascara off or it wear's off on the outer corners as that tends to get irritated very quickly!

Daily Face: I wear makeup everyday, I hate that I have to apologise or to be made to feel bad about myself because I do. I don't hate the way I look without makeup, I don't use it as a mask but I don't feel like me without my slick of liner and a little bit of a filled in brow. I will leave the house and pop to the shop makeup less, I don't feel ashamed of my naked face. I just prefer the way I look with it. I wrote a post a while ago on why I wear makeup and I think I put it a lot more eloquently than I'm writing here! But I will wear makeup almost 7/7 days a week. I generally apply in the morning and have it removed by 7pm with my skincare routine (which I've worked on since I made my last Beauty Confessions post!) getting started!

Allergies: I'm allergic to SOMETHING in some foundations and I cant for the life of me work out what it is. It's got to the point now where I actually don't use anything different because I don't want to break out. I do think that it is probably silicones. I went through a period of trying literally so many foundations and all were breaking me out. I then bought Laura Mercier Silk Creme and have been loyal to it ever since, although I do flutter with the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint. The foundation that broke me out the most ever was the YSL Touché Elate Foundation. I really wanted to love it and I did love it, I even bought a full size of it. However as soon as I realised that it was foundations what was breaking me out I stopped using it. I had terrible cystic acne and my skin was just so sore and red. I wish I could pinpoint exactly what ingredient it is so I can avoid it in the future!

Embrace Messy Hair: I hate flat my hair, I know this is completely obvious to some because again like mascara it's one of those things people complain about. The idea of having my hair flat to my head actually makes me cringe. Personally I think that looks super smooth straight hair awful and just so… weird? This is my personal opinion so please don't get offended by it! I don't know if it's a cultural thing but I'm always told my hair looks dirty, when it's not dirty at all I just used stuff in it to make it look like it is! Personally I'm just not into the sleek, perfect kinda hair do's! I'm all for a bit of bedhead, roughed up, rock n' roll style look! I tend to only really brush my hair after I've washed it to get all the knots out with my Michel Mercier Detangling brush and then leave it the next day and brush it again when I was my hair next (I wash my hair every other day!)

Nail Polish Addict: I think I probably have around 300+ nail polishes in my current collection. I'm actually starting to feel a bit guilty about them every single time I buy a new one. I probably have dupes for all the polishes and even when I think I have found a new unique one I probably own something so similar already! At the moment I'm especially in love with glitter nail polishes, I think I have around 70 of them currently with my favourites being OPI Rainbow Connection, NYC Lights Camera Action and Models Own Ibiza Mix. I'm getting more and more into indie nail polish brands at the moment as they are filling my need for unique and different glitters that just aren't on the mainstream market!

Humble Beginnings: I wasn't very interested in beauty until I started reading blogs in around 2006. I liked makeup and wore it a lot, but I tended to buy whatever I thought looked good or what I'd seen in  magazines. I remember I started watching videos on Youtube including xSparkage and Petrilude. I proceeded to go on a spending binge on makeup. I remember placing my first MAC order and getting the 187 stippling brush and I think I also ordered some primer too. I remember buying the Chanel Mat Lumiere based off Pixiwoo's first videos and falling in love with it. Since then it's just escalated. I cant even begin to imagine how much I've spent on beauty and makeup products I've purchased after seeing online recommendations for it. I'm very very VERY easily influenced by other bloggers and what other people talk about. Most of the time I'm in a shop or at a counter I go "oh, I saw so and so talk about this" "I think this is what so and so uses"! It's addictive this online beauty review thing!
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