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topshop necklace
topshop alvin boots (similar here)

This jumper is pure highlighter neon yellow, how garish. I don't know why I bought this jumper, I think I got it last year when I went through a phase of really liking neon. I didn't think it would be as bright as it is but oh well! It's a lot more yellow than lime in real life, but my camera just wasn't co-operating with me when I was shooting my outfits today! I saw someone on the tube wearing a black and white striped skirt with a similar jumper so I decided to copy her a bit and wear something similar. I quite like how monochrome patterns look with neons. I think that might have to be a ways to wear neons and monochrome post or video soon!

My pink ombre is quickly fading and its making me sad! I don't think I'm going to do it again but it's been fun having different hair for a week! Tonight Im off shopping at Westfields Stratford City with Zoe. I'm working on a project with them which should be pretty darn cool. I'm super excited about it and hopefully my vision for the content is going to come out how I want it!