inglot shine 09 pearl 606 review swatch photo

Lets just start by saying, please excuse my hideously used Inglot Palette! We'll just call it well loved! I often do a makeup look for evenings out that I like to call the under eye pop. I basically wear a light, barely there neutral shade on the lid and then have a brighter pop under neath the eye. I like to concentrate colour all on the lower lash line rather than trying to do something fancy on my lids. I have very little lid space so whenever I do attempt some sort of fancy blending it just doesn't show !

For this look, which I wore out on Friday night, I used two of my favourite eyeshadows the Inglot shades of Shine 09 and Pearl 606. Inglot Pearl 606 is a punchy bright copper with flecks of gold going throughout the shadow. It's absolutely stunning and really warming and flattering on my eye colour.  It really brightens up the eye area and brings all the focus to the eyes. Inglot Shine 09 is a paler, golder and a lot more soft looking on the skin. It reminds me slightly of MAC All That Glitters but a little more browner in tone. It's very subtle when applied so it sheers out nicely. Key to this is blending out the shadow under the eyes, try to use a pencil brush and smudge it along rather than making it look too perfect. I personally like a grungier, lived in eyeliner look! Keep it soft but the colour very close to you're lower lashes.

You can use any colour to do this, but I kept it fairly neutral but bright as I like to play it safe. Other colours I like to use under my eyes is MAC Mythology, MAC Coppering, The darkest shade in the Pop Beauty Lid Bronzer and another Inglot shade called Pearl 604 which is a deep red colour which looks very MKO!