001. I've spent the weekend at home fixing and tidying! I have so much new furniture to sort out and some to get rid of(whats the best way to get rid of old furniture?). But it means all my things are organised and sorted which makes me so excited! I literally got rid of about 10 bags of stuff that I never use/don't need/don't want! I haven't event attempted to put away all the cardboard packaging from my Ikea stuff. Im pretty sure the bin men are going to hate me come Friday! Oops! I might actually do a room tour-ish when everything is perfect! Exciting!

002. I need some new bedding to go alongside all my new stuff, Any recommendations would be lovely! My room's sort of white, black and grey, but Im open to patterns and bright stuff when it comes to bedding!

003. One of my favourite nights of the year. Wrestlemania! I normally go home and watch it with my brother but I decided not to. I;m really looking forward to it despite not really knowing whats going on at the moment in wrestling. I really haven't kept as up to date with it as I should be! All I know is that CM Punk VS The Undertaker is the one. Zoe is coming over to keep me company, and I think we're going to pink Ombre my hair! That's right kids, I'm bringing the ombre back!

004. Sorry I couldn't make another video this week, my computer is literally dying and my new iMac still isn't here which is a pain in the bum! I really want to make a follow up to this week's "Alone, Together" video as I've had so many comments and support that I want to address. Im so glad I decided to do it, I normally wouldn't talk about something so personal but it's amazing knowing I'm not the only one who feels like this and being able to help people who are in the same situation! I also have loads of ideas for new videos for the upcoming week's so please go and subscribe to my Youtube Channel if you want to see more of me! Although three + blog posts a day, Instagram's and the rest means I'm pretty sure you're all sick of me by now!

005. Notable posts over on my beauty blog include a very cheeky Space NK Haul, a very popular lipstick swatch post with some of GOSH's velvet touch lipsticks, my "concealer power couple" and a quick look at the new Models Own Hed Kandi additions!