guerlain eyeliner

guerlain eyeliner review swatch photo
guerlain eyeliner review swatch photo
guerlain eyeliner review swatch photo

Luxe Eyeliners generally don't appeal to me, I really struggle to pay a lot of money for eyeliner despite the fact it's the bare bones of my usual look. I very rarely go without eyeliner these days so whenever I get a new eyeliner to try I always jump at the chance in the quest to finding the holy grail of eyeliners. I've come across some I've loved like the Pixi Lash Line Ink, as well as some I've hated like the Rimmel Gel Eyeliner.

Now, along comes the Guerlain Eyeliner! It is very black, one of the blackest black eyeliners I've ever come across. I know thats weird to describe an eyeliner like that but if you're a keen eyeliner fan you know what I mean. Some eyeliners pull slightly grey black as they are worn and dry down, but this stays super black on me. The finish is slightly glossy while also being quite matte at the same time! I personally feel it gives a very refined elegant cat eyeliner look. In all it looks highly pigmented, refined and very very sleek. I personally quite like the brush and I've got on quite well with it. I don't normally like the brushes like this because they are so fine and flimsy and I like my liner thicker. However it was very simple to use and the long handle made application very easy. It's really simple to remove as well, all I do is soak a cotton pad in Bioderma and wipe off. It doesn't flake or dry throughout the day and I found it to pretty much last all day.

The packaging reminds me of Old Hollywood, something that wouldn't look out of place on a screen starlet like Marilyn Monroe's dresser. It's beautiful and so luxe. I think thats one of my main loves about Guerlain, everything feels so expensive and beautiful. Their packaging is just so on point.

In all, I do like this eyeliner and probably will continue to use it. I really do genuinely like it, but have to admit I'm not bowled over with it. It didn't wow me like no other eyeliner has ever done before. I doubt it would be something I'd have bought myself. The price tag is just too high for a eyeliner no matter how pretty it looks unfortunately. It's lovely, but you can get something similar for a lot less.

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