Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact review swatch photo

The last few days I've stopped wearing blusher and have been opting towards the natural bronzed look. I've been obsessed with the Clarins Splendours Limited Edition Summer Bronzing Compact. It's a beautiful warm toned terracotta broner. Rich in pigment it gives the face a flawless natural sun kissed glow. It's gorgeously soft and so buttery. The shade compliments my natural skintone giving a subtle "inner glow" type bronze to the face. Applied with a taped blush brush to my cheeks, chin and temples it just gives the perfect natural/subtle bronzed look. The packaging and print is just something else. An absolutely stunning South American/Aztec style print that is almost a little too nice to actually use. But alas, I'm glad I got my brush in there and used it as I think I've found something that definitely works for me. I don't tend to wear bronzer at all let alone on its own without a blush but I like how it gives a sculpted natural look to my face. Very Cara Delevinge! Like with all the Clarins Limited Edition Splendours I highly, highly recommend this product. It should be on the counters right now for around the £30 mark. While pricey, I don't think it's that bad for a limited edition product, but probably a bit expensive for some! Collectors of beautiful makeup, this is a must have!