Barry M Nail Art Pen review swatch photo
Barry M Nail Art Pen review swatch photo
models own beths blue topshop nail art pen review swatch photo
Barry M Nail Art Penreview swatch photo
Barry M Nail Art Pen: £4.99*
Topshop Nail Art Pen: £6.50
Models Own Beths Blue: £5

Late last night I got a bit creative with some of the new Barry M Nail Pens. I've attempted Aztec nails before but have only managed one nail without messing the whole lot up. While these aren't perfect, I don't think they are TOO horrendous! I always felt that Barry M were being a bit late to the party on nail art considering they used to THE go to brand for all things nail related. However these nail pens are a long time coming but boy am I not disappointed. They'll be launching in 4 different shades (Black, White, Pink and Silver) on the 10th April in Superdrug and on the 17th April in Boots. I think they are wonderful. They apply evenly and without much effort. You don't need to squeeze to control the pressure, just let the pen do all the work.

To get the Nail Art pen started you need to pump the pen a few times on a hard surface, then the product flows through the nib. I don't think the polish inside is actually all proper nail polish. It doesn't have the same consistency as regular nail polish, its a little bit runnier and flows very easily through the pen. It does bubble or lump up either when layered. I found that one layer of each shade is enough to make it opaque. Nothing like traditional nail art pens like the Models Own x Wah Nail pens or the Ebay ones. The white would be perfect for french tips to as it goes on so smoothly you won't have ugly like, and it's very easy to draw freehand. They dry down fairly quickly too, but you have to make sure the nail below is completely dry before trying to draw on top as it does drag on the surface some what.

As I wasn't sent the black version of the Barry M Nail Art pen I decided to also use a Topshop Nail Pen which I've had for ages but never ever used. It's very similar to the Barry M pen in the sense that it has a pen like nib and you pump initially to get the product out. However you have to squeeze it slightly to get the product to flow properly which means that sometimes too much product can come out or not enough. I found that I kept having to dab it on a piece of paper to keep the pen clean and get decent lines. I think its average in terms of a nail art pen and would definitely prefer to try the Black Barry M Nail Art Pen!

Overall I really recommend the Barry M Nail Art pens once they launch. I think they'll be a really good addition to any nail art lovers kit. Newbie or Advanced they are simple to use, easy to draw with and you're only limited by your own creativity. The price is spot on for the quart of the pen. I don't think the Topshop one is that great, the polish is too thick and gloopy, especially compared to the Barry M Versions. I feel it isn't as easy to use and does require a little bit of skill to get the polish flowing while drawing as you need a very steady hand. Which is almost impossible when it's already hard enough trying to draw on your own nails! It's nice to see Barry M getting back in the game. I feel they have fallen behind a little bit in recent years but the launch of their wonderful Hi-Shine Gelly Polishes has really put them back on my nail polish radar.
Do you think you'll be indulging in these pens once they launch? Or are you over nail art?