I have a penchant for hats at the moment and the newest one in my collection is this Varsity style one from ASOS. I absolutely adore the colour and the fact it has a L on it makes it even better in my books. Nothing like something with your initials on! I don't know if it comes in any other letters, I've noticed ASOS are strange for this and do some letters for some things and none for others. So maybe this post is only helpful if you have a L name!

Today I did some styling for Kiss Fm, which was amazing. I really enjoyed sourcing all the stuff and getting the model ready for the shoot. I've done bits of it before but nothing like this. I really enjoyed it, maybe Lily Melrose the Freelance Stylist might be my next move?snip

It's my birthday tomorrow if anyone is interested! I shall be reaching the age of 23, celebrating with some of the best people I know and having the best time. If I ever plan what I actually want to do! I keep getting questioned about it but I still haven't a single clue of what I actually want to do for it! I hate birthday planning. I did want this ridiculously over the top Toddles and Tiaras come My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding come My Super Sweet 16th Party but I decided it would be wiser to save my money and not blow it all on some party. Even though it would have blatantly been the part of the century!