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I was asked a lot to talk about my school, college and university experiances when I asked for questions in my Ask Me Anything request video. I decided to touch on my thoughts on college, dropping out, staying and threw in a little story about how I magically got a A* in my English exam. Enjoy!


  1. I love this video,
    its great to get know you better!

    Kelly || Blog: Day Dreams & Daisy Chains || Twitter || ♥

  2. When you describe your time at uni it sounds a lot like how I feel sometimes, I think you're so right about university being "expected" of a lot of people today.

    Thanks for this video, you gave some really great advice and I would have loved to watch this when I was applying for university :)

    Emily x - prettypleaseprettyplease.blogspot.com

  3. I love this and it came at exactly the right time for me as I have to start thinking about my future plans now! xxx

    Maddy from http://unstitchedd.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. I really enjoyed this video and I'm always looking forward to new videos! It was really interesting to hear about your school/university story :)
    Carolin ♥

  5. Im so glad you did this video Lily! I'm in my last year at sixth form and everyones applying for uni and stuff and im just thinking oh my god what do I do. Im not really sure if uni is for me or not so im glad i'm not the only one. I definitely feel like its expected of everyone to go, and its alot of pressure! I've applied for a art foundation course at a college so im hoping that will steer me in the right direction :)
    Ellie xo

  6. Loved this video, really enjoyed it! So thanks for sharing Lily! xxx


  7. I really loved this video! Thank you for posting xo

  8. really enjoyed watching this lily. Really helpful xo

  9. Loved this video! Cant wait for the next ones! :)

    Pipp xx

  10. i loved watching this video. i don't think we should be expected to have an exact idea of what we want to do, we're always changing throughout our lives and sometimes things don't appeal to us as much as they used to.
    i'm still having trouble figuring out what i want, and this video was very helpful. thanks!

    rachel x

  11. I've watched this video already and it's interesting getting other peoples takes on Uni, especially when you're feeling lost and confused like me.
    Lots of love from New Zealand,

  12. This video is great. It's nice to know it's acceptable nowadays to not go to uni. I didn't go but constantly felt pressurised by other people.


  13. Hi. This is the first video ive watched of yours, and after watching it, I think your really nice :) Not that i didn't before! Ha. But you don't really smile on your pictures, so I never really got see how lovely you are. I mean I loved your blog anyway, but now I love it more!
    I loved the story of your English exam. I have a feeling I might have been 'creative' in writing about my life.
    Anyway, keep it up :)



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