xen tan morrocan tan

xen tan morrocan tan review swatch photo
xen tan morrocan tan review swatch photo
xen tan morrocan tan: £24.99 (£19.99 on Feel Unique)*

I've been shunning fake tan over the winter months, the idea of getting naked and tanning myself literally was the last thing on my mind. But we all know I loooove me some fake tan, the darker the better. But boy was I in for a surprise when I decided to randomly apply the new Xen Tan Morrocan Tan one cold February evening.

I'm fairly olive toned and my skin takes to fake tan really well, It applied evenly and streak free and didn't dry my skin out at all.It really has that "holiday" scent about it which is right up my street. The scent is actually amazing, a bit cocnutty or tropical. On application the guide colour is dark, I mean seriously dark. Darker than any fake tan I've ever used. I sent a NSFW photo to my friends in a group chat and they couldn't believe the contrast on my skin. So there I was naked and panicking like mad, even considering washing it off as I'd never seen anything THAT dark. Now after I settled into the fact I wasn't going to wash it off I realised the dark guide colour was great because I could tell where I'd missed bits. I popped my onesie on and went straight to bed and crossed everything hoping that I wasn't going to wake up with a "Essex Glow". Once it was washed off it wasn't as dark as I imagined, The guide colour washed down to a deep tan but nothing too orange or garish. It was fairly natural (in fake tan terms!) and the tone really suited my skin tone.

I was pretty happy with the tan overall even though it was darker than I'd have liked. It looks a lot less orange in photos than it did in real life. I think Xen Tan is slightly expensive but it is very good quality and I cant fault the formula! I think I do prefer the colour of Xen Tan Absolute Luxe compared to this one but I do like the scent of this one much more. The price is also a lot more easier on the wallet!

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