001. I've made so many unwise choices in my life in the past 6 months. My feelings about my friends, work, healthy and love life have all changed so dramatically and so quickly without me even realising it. Now I think I've finally realised I need to refocus my energy. Remembering who I am and how exactly I got to that point has probably been the biggest revelation I've had in the past few days and I've finally concluded that I need to keep reminding myself who I am. From now I'm all about focusing on the positive and enchricihing aspects of my life. I'm a pessimist and a worrier but I'm also hardworking and motivated and I know I can succeed at anything I put my mind to. Time to set myself some mini life goals and start obtaining them!

002. Tomorrow I'm off for a few days to Center Parcs with Zoe and her Family. It's going to be nice to get away and have a break from London, Life and Blogging. I used to go to Center Parcs loads as a kid so when I casually asked Zoe if I could come along with her to the resort I jumped at the chance. A few days in the woods will do me a world of good. I cant wait to splash around in the Swimming Pool and CHILLLLL.

003. Speaking of Zoe we did a silly little video for my Youtube channel where she did my makeup blindfolded! I also did her's which you can check out on her channel!

004. My tripod of almost three and a bit years has finally bit the dust. I decided to go straight out to Argos and pick up a new one. I decided on this one as it was about the same height as size of my old one! I'm surprised my old one lasted so long as I hear it's about 25 years old according to my uncle!

005. Finally, what do you guys think of the little extras I've been adding to my blog posts? A few people have mentioned them, and it's probably a whole lot more noticeable over on my other blog as I can do a little more with it. But Im slowly working my way into popping them over on here. I've decided I need to change my layout and modernise my blog a bit more as I've had this layout for god knows how long and I'm just about to celebrate four glorious years of blogging! Time for a refresh me thinks! I might also join my two websites together, What do you think?