real techniques brushes review swatch photo
real techniques brushes face setting review swatch photo
real techniques brushes blush buffing review swatch photo
real techniques brushes review swatch photo
Real Techniques Buffing Brush: £21.99* (part of core collection)

I realised when washing my makeup brushes at the weekend that pretty much all the brushes I use are the Real Techniques Brushes. I thought I'd do a little talk through of them all as I think I've only ever posted about the Buffing Brush in the past. As Im sure most people are aware Real Techniques is a makeup brush brand by the amazingly talented Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo.  Real Techniques brushes are all make with synthetic hair which makes them 100% cruelty-free. The soft fibres help create a flawless, high-definition finish in any type of light — from sunlight to harsh indoor lighting. All the brushes are colour coded according to what they are to be used for Yellow is for Base, Purple is for eyes and Pink is for setting. However I don't always use the brushes in the way they are intended to be used a they are so versatile and adaptable.

Real Techniques Face Brush: This is a recent addition to my collection and so far I've been using it as either a foundation brush or for cream blush. It's quite a rounded stubby wide shaped brush with makes buffing and blended effortless. I like to pop cream blush onto the tops of my cheeks and use light up and down strokes to blend out the edges.

Real Techniques Setting Brush: This is a small fluffy brush which is about the same size as an eye brush. I tend to use this brush with a fine loose powder either under my eyes to set concealer or on the bridge of my nose and tops of the cheeks to highlight. Sometimes I'll use this "all over my face" to powder oiler areas as it doesn't pick up too much product which stops my face looking to cakey. I don't think this is an essential brush but it is nice to have.

Real Techniques Blush Brush: I'd initially bought this to use as an all over powder brush and used it like that for a while before starting to use it soley as a bronzing brush. It works well for both, but I don't I personally like using it as a blush brush like it's designed for. I find it a bit too big to apply blush with as it's quite a large brush for the cheek area, especially as I like to apply my blush to my apples. So typically I like to swirl it in bronzer and apply it using the "3B" method  and blend out. It leaves a lovely soft finish  and doesn't pick up too much powder so you can always apply more if desired.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush: This is definitely the stand out brush from the Real Techniques Range, but unfortunately it only comes in the Core Collection of 4 brushes. It's a shame this doesn't come sold individually. It's been THE only foundation brush I've used sine I got this at IMATS last year. It's a flat topped kabuki style brush which blends liquid foundation flawlessly and effortlessly into the skin. It leaves a dreamy, smooth airbrushed finish with minimal effort. This is a MUST HAVE for beginners.

Real Techniques Powder Brush: I found this brush to be one of the best all over powder brushes I've used. The bristles are packed tight so it picks up the right ammount of product and makes it really easy to buff into the face.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush: I bought this purely with the intention of using it for cream blush as I didn't own anything similar. It's a kabuki style duo fibre stippling brush. I do like using it for cream blush because you can stipple it onto a cheek and then blend out with a finger or use the brush. But I found when using the brush it could look a little patchy. I didn't like using it for foundation as I found the finish wasn't as flawless as what the Real Techniques Buffing Brush would give me. I cant say I love this brush but it's alright!

So there is a quick overview of some Real Techniques brushes! I highly recommend most of them, some of them are a bit take it or leave it but I wholeheartedly recommend either the Expert Face Brush or the Buffing Brush. They are amazing brushes that give a flawless base, which I think is the key to any makeup look.

Also, If you're looking for a deal on Real Techniques brushes I highly recommend getting them from a website called iHerb. If you buy all the brushes I mention in this post (including the 4 brush Core Collection) you can get them for £43.50 including express shipping to the UK. Remember to the code LDT423 for 10% off at checkout too. In the UK all these brushes would cost you £76! Thats a saving of over £30! I wish I'd known of this before I bought all my brushes in Boots! I might actually stock up on some more as I use them so much! (Offer via VIPXO)

Have you tried any Real Techniques Brushes? What are your thoughts?