portable iPhone charger review swatch photo

I don't ever review gadgets, but I thought I'd share my latest purchase with you as I'm sure as avid blog readers, you're also social media addicts. Which in turn probably means you're practically glued to your phone. There is nothing worse than going out and your phone battery dying on you purely because you just HAD to share that latest Instagram snap. Emma has a Portable Iphone Charger for a while (I don't think its the same make) so I thought it was about time I stopped pinching her's at events and got my own. I'm really happy with it, it really does charge my phone and is great in emergencies or when I need extra battery. I was a bit worried at first as I thought it would blow my phone up, but so far so good! You charge the battery pack via a USB port, so you do have to remember to plug that in before you go out! It has enough battery to do a full cycle charge on a iPhone. I suppose the charger itself is slightly bulky (it's not very heavy thankfully), but I think the fact it's a decent size for most day bags and is a life saver for me.

I cant see why this same charger wouldn't work with other mobile phones that can charge via USB, but don't hold me to it! I have to admit it is possibly the best £12 I've spent in recent months as it's so handy for a Iphone addict like me!